Fowey & Cape Florida

Fowey Light at Dawn

Saturday August 11, 2007

Instead of heading out early on Sunday for a morning picture of Fowey Light we decided late Saturday afternoon to make it a sunrise picture and try sleeping on the boat for the first time.  The plan was to launch at the Crandon boat launch facility and anchor at No Name Harbor near the Cape Florida Light for the night. Once we realized there was no hope to launch in time for a sunset picture, we did stop for a bite at a Star Lite Diner on the way south. We had an easy launch at 9pm or so and left with the usual complement of supplies, cameras etc, but for the first time…pillows!! Once on the ICW we noticed mother nature putting on a grand light show to the south, and altered our course for an anchorage on the north side of the Rickenbacker Causeway very near the Rusty Pelican restaurant. 

We were bedded down by around 11pm but sleep did not come easily. Even on the water there was little breeze and it was heavily humid. But, the gentle motion of the water was soothing and the sight of light beams from the bridge lights in undulating sine waves in the crests and troughs of the swells was still restful for tired but sleepless eyes. Wave forms seemed to move in sync with the music reaching us from the Rusty Pelican. The music continued until 5am and people fished off the bridge until long after I had dozed off. But, before I did I looked for Orion. Doesn’t seem right to sleep under the stars and not see Orion.

Sunday August 12, 2007

Raymond was up promptly at 5am and I can’t even say whether I was already conscious or not as at that instant my mind felt absolutely clear, no cobwebs or clinging sleep. We pulled anchor and departed for Fowey Light via the ICW and Biscayne Channel passing through the middle of Stiltsville. Once clouds gained definition it seemed that we were on the brink of sunrise for so long. I thought that we’d see the sun pop up before getting there. But, we were at the light predawn. As always the ambient lighting changed rapidly….from a soft lavender and peachy hue, to very peach, then brilliant gold, and later as we were leaving it seemed silvery on the lower horizon and deeply blue above. Sunrises and sunsets are always a gift….a divine palet!! 

From Fowey we went north to Cape Florida Light, shot some markers and the light from the ocean side, on to No Name Harbor where we tied up before the Boater’s Grill opened for breakfast. While Raymond rested with the boat, I hiked to Cape Florida Light to try some photos from the beach. Sea oats made for a natural scene punctuated along the shoreline by the bright umbrellas of beach goers. The hike WAS HOT and by the time I returned to No Name I was more than ready for breakfast and coffee!! 

On the photography side, this was my first outing with my new 5D camera. Shooting from a moving platform is always a challenge for me to balance depth of field with the shutter speed required for an in focus, non blurry picture. It amazes me when the results are good. The 5D performed very well and looking at the scene through the view finder is just beautiful. I’d hoped my capture would be as nice as what I was seeing through the view finder and I was most pleased with the results. Much to learn but a really good start. 

We left No Name west to the ICW and back to the north side of Rickenbacker into the shadow of Metropolitan Miami. We went past Brickell Key and up the Miami River up to about  Flagler Street. Enjoyed shooting buildings, bridges and the like..including my favourite priapic ornament on the East Coast Fisheries building. 

Having soaked up a lot of heat and a couple of gig of pictures, we were ready for home and took the boat out of Crandon around 1:30pm. 

Conclusions: Sleeping on the boat is very doable but look forward to cooler weather…need to do more sunrise photo ops…and lastly…love, love, love my 5D!!

~ by Judy on August 12, 2007.

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