Ship’s Log – the beginning

First Janthina Sunset

This is the beginning of a log of journeys taken in the 19” Nautica Rib named Janthina for the violet, pelagic seashell which drifts on the surface of the ocean with clusters of bubbles.  Janthina, a rib inflatable, likewise floats on cells of air.  According to my son, Eddie,  naming a boat  after a sea shell which floats with the currents is about the same as naming her Driftwood.  But then, where is his sense of poetry? Not that we really want to be subject to the fickle moods of the sea in such a helpless fashion! No, this is not the case at all.  I expect  Janthina’s motor and my husband’s navigational skills to keep us on a safe and determined course at all times!  My connection to the shell dates back to my years in the Philippines when my days were filled with diving, photography and collecting specimen shells.  To me Janthina is a free spirit icon and like me , an army brat,  willing to call home whereever she makes landfall.

My first trip aboard the rib was the same day as my husband, Raymond, took delivery of it. Putting it in at the 14th Street Causeway boat ramp, we enjoyed a wonderful evening/sunset ride and the sense of starting something new.  We went out to sea briefly via the Hillsboro Inlet and beyond the Hillsboro Light to the north. I photographed the lighthouse  in rather choppy seas endeavoring to secure at least one nice photo of that vantage point from my fun new platform. The lantern room and fresnel within, glittered in the late day sun justifying its nickname…The Big Diamond!  It was truly a pleasure to be on the water and watching the sun go down, painting its colors along every boat lined canal we passed on the ICW.

Along with general enjoyment of navigation and the exploration of Florida’s beautiful marine environments, Janthina’s mission is to be a photographic platform for scenic and nature photography. If all goes well and I can shoot from a moving platform,  we will have the pleasure of capturing some marvelous images of Florida’s beauty and some adventures to go with them.

Janthina Rib Inflatable-First Ride

Janthina – 19′ Nautica Rib – our new photo platform

Hillsboro Inlet from Janthina ride 1

Hillsboro Inlet Light – First Hillsboro Light Picture from our  nice new photo platform!!

14th St Causeway Work Boats by Ramp

As we pulled Janthina out at the 14th Street Causeway Ramp enjoyed the nighttime view of the work boats across the way.

~ by Judy on June 1, 2006.

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